How soon can I get started?

The short answer is, right now! Once we have been retained and received the necessary documentation the collection process could begin in the same day. Delay in pursuing a debt is never beneficial. While the statute of limitations on a debt may be as long as ten years in Rhode Island the sooner you act the more successful you usually will be. Call us; we would be pleased to explain the process in more detail.

What documentation do I need?

Generally speaking the more you provide the better we can service you; however, we work with whatever documentation you possess. In many situations we can assemble multiple documents containing partial information in order to tell a complete and accurate story. You should not let your concerns over lack of documentation prevent you from contacting our office. A brief conversation with one of our attorneys or staff will let you know where you stand and what you will need to move forward.

Please provide some information so one of our attorneys can contact you.